Ga op trip voor onder de 150 euro!

¡Vete de viaje por menos de 150 euros!

A complete trip for under 150 euros

Would you like to take a city trip but are you short of cash? No problem! We have found four destinations for you to visit with only 150 euros in your bank account.

Jump straight to them:

1. London

  • Fly to London Luton for only 56 euros. From there there is an easybus, the bus service from easyJet to London center. If you book this on time via the internet, it’s already possible for 3 euros!
  • For food in London a take away restaurant is the cheapest. The VAT is lower than in restaurants and also the service costs are not included. The difference can be 30-40%. All in all, you can eat for about + / – 30 euros.
  • For travel within London itself you can purchase an Oyster Card. This automatically settles the lowest fare. With the Oyster
  • Card you never pay more than the lowest fare and you can spend a maximum of £7 per day.
    Stay the night in an Airbnb. It’s often possible to book an entire apartment for just a few tens. And admit how much space you need when you’re in such a beautiful city and can explore new things outdoors all day long. For 17 bucks a night, you can get a place to sleep!

2. Dublin

  • You’re already in Dublin for only 41 euros. Buy the DoDublin Card in advance and travel unlimited 72 hours in the city on the green buses. Transportation to and from the airport is also included. With this card you’ll also get various discounts such as 2-for-the-price-of-1 at pubs and free entrance to the Little Museum of Dublin.
  • In recent years, the number of restaurants in Dublin has strongly increased. Especially the Asian and Italian restaurants are often among the cheaper ones in Dublin. The South William Street area is also worth a visit if you’re looking for a relatively cheaper restaurant.
  • Spending the night in Dublin isn’t very cheap, but if you’re looking for the right places on time, there’s often a good price in between. For example, you’re most likely to find a cheap room in North Dublin, especially around Lower Gardiner Street. For €44 you can find a nice room here.

3. Prague

  • For 30 euros you have a return ticket to Prague for 2 days. Transportation to and from the airport can be done by metro and bus and costs about 2.30 euros for a one-way ticket. As soon as you arrive in the city center you don’t need an ov, because everything is easy to do on foot. It is also best to see everything then.
  • In Prague there are plenty of cheap hotels/hostels. In the Czech Republic hotel owners are free to give themselves as many stars as they want. A three star hotel can therefore be less good than a two star one. The cheapest is to find a place to sleep in a hostel where you are with several people in one room. If you book on time, you often only pay around 11 euros!
  • The same applies in Prague; if you want to eat cheaply it is best to be outside the tourist center. Here the prices are many times lower but the food is just as tasty.


  • For 52 euros you’re already in the Hungarian capital Budapest. By bus it takes half an hour to get to the city center and a ticket costs only 3 euros. Budapest is a relatively large city and therefore it is handy to buy a tram ticket. The best is a 72-hour ticket for about 12.50 euros.
  • Also in Budapest there are a lot of hostels where sleeping from 11 euro is certainly not impossible. Especially if you travel alone this is convenient to do and certainly the cheapest.
  • Eating in Budapest certainly doesn’t have to be expensive, but you should always pay attention. If you don’t pay attention, you can easily pay 20 euros for a cup of coffee. Therefore, always look carefully on the map and go through your receipt. On average you pay 40 euros for all meals for a two day trip.



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