Las 10 vistas más hermosas de Asia

Las 10 vistas más hermosas de Asia

You don’t want to skip these things on a tour of Asia
From the beach to an ancient temple, it’s all possible in Asia! This beautiful continent has an awful lot to offer travelers, whatever you like. These are 10 must-visits of beautiful Asia!

#10 Paro Taktsang – Bhutan

Paro Taktsang may not tell you that much, but at Tiger’s Nest I’m sure it will ring a bell. This magical monastery can be found 900 meters above the ground, on a mountainside! No matter what, you want to visit it during a trip through Bhutan!

#9 Halong Bay – Vietnam

One of the musts of Vietnam is of course the Halong Bay. The blue water, the overgrown rocks sticking out of the water, magical caves… You definitely want to take a boat trip here!

#8 Grand Palace – Thailand

In the heart of Thailand you will find this fantastically beautiful complex. You are not allowed to leave Bangkok without having seen these shiny, golden temples. Be sure to visit the most important temple of all Thailand, the Wat Phra Kaew, and watch your eyes out!

#7 Taj Mahal – India

The first thing you probably think about in India is the Taj Mahal. And we understand very well why! The must see of India is also called by many the most beautiful building in the world. Once you get there, you’ll probably say the same thing!

#6 Angkor Wat – Cambodia

The Angkor Wat temple complex is the largest in the world, it is no less than 1,636,000 m2 in size! So it’s best to take a couple of days (at least 3, we would say) if you want to see a lot at a good pace. It is so worth it!

#5 The Forbidden City – China

There is a lot to see in Beijing, but the absolute must is the Forbidden City. During the Ming and Qing dynasties the palaces were used by the reigning emperors. All the splendor can still be admired!

#4 Palawan – Philippines

We really only need one word for this: paradise! You really don’t want to miss the most beautiful island in the world during a visit to the Philippines: the whitest beaches, the most blue water and simply the most beautiful island you’ll ever see…

#3 Borobudur – Indonesia

One of the most famous temples in Indonesia is the Borobudur, near the Merapi volcano. It is actually a large stupa, consisting of 9 floors. You have to climb for it, but the temple (and the view from the top!) are totally worth it.

#2 Bagan – Myanmar

In the middle of Myanmar lies ancient Bagan, the capital of the former Pagan kingdom. There used to be about 10,000 religious buildings in Bagan and far around it, of which about 2200 are still there today. To be admired!

#1 Boudhanath Stupa – Nepal

Near the centre of Kathmandu, the capital of Nepal, stands this special attraction. The stupa is one of the largest in the world and stands out everywhere, not to be missed!

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